Welcome to the website of the Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands program. We are a binational, grassroots and Service Learning initiative dedicated to providing free pre-college philosophy classes to children and youth of the Paso del Norte region. We also aim to serve the broader U.S.-Mexico borderlands region by publicly disseminating lesson plans in both English and Spanish, the content of which is designed to reflect philosophical themes of importance to children, youth and families at the border. Our program was founded in September 2014, and since that time it has continuously operated as both a community-based volunteer initiative as well as a Service Learning program at the University of Texas at El Paso. To date, we have served hundreds of children, youth, and families of the borderlands while collaborating with numerous dedicated community partners. Feel free to make use of the bilingual resources available on the website. For more information, check out this bilingual (Spanish-English) documentary about our program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnt-XFg90Jk

Thank you,

Amy Reed- Sandoval, PhD

Director, Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, UTEP